Friday, May 1, 2009

Checking In

Small update from this side of the couch.

The last few weeks have been full for me. School is in the end of semester frenzy and I've taken multiple tests and practicals. Most weeks I don't have a day off between school and full time daddy duty. Tests have gone well, and I've come to the conclusion that slow and steady wins the race. As does working hard early in the semester and putting yourself in a position to just cruise. Clinical has been interesting. I did my OR rotation and loved it--I may even consider being a First Assist if I decide not to go to CRNA school. My ICU rotation was equally cool, confirming to me that I can at least make it through the 2 years required for application to CRNA school. I like ICU MUCH better than the floor. My brain just doesn't divide itself 5 or 6 ways as easily as it does 1 or 2. Granted the patients are much higher acuity, but I'm totally cool with that.

The patients have been interesting. I've had a pt with necrotizing fasciitis who has had all the skin, fascia, and subcutaneous fat removed from their leg, ankle to groin. Did a dressing change on that patient where the surgeon tried to make me ill on purpose. Lucky for me I was just able to smirk right back at him even through the anaerobic funk. I've had a 51 yr/old who lives in a nursing home who came in with pneumonia. I was the one who got to tell the patient their lung cancer was no longer in remission and was in fact back with a vengeance. I had a patient who claimed to be a nurse who came in for chest/jaw pain for 10 days duration, but knew exactly what pain medication worked best for this kind of pain. Not surprisingly it was morphine. The same patient yelled at me multiple times telling me I had no common sense at one point. I finally snapped back and exposed the inconsistencies in the patient's story, effectively shutting the them up and sending my preceptor nurse into hysterical laughter. Next week is my final day at clinical for the semester and I get to go play with swine flu patients in the ER.

Mostly though, over the last several weeks I've come to two realizations.

1.) Time with my kids is a gift and I should approach my weekend daddy duty with that attitude instead of the attitude I have been.

2.) I am deeply, desperately in love with my wife. This is why when things aren't going well between us it turns me into a decimated shell of a man. That fact doesn't mean that everything is daisies. But, I don't get to choose whether I love her or not, so better to suck it up and make things work. Again, an attitude thing.

Anyway, I hope a few of you check here occasionally still. I miss interacting with you all on a regular basis. I do get to read your blogs sometimes, but not much commenting. I hope this finds you all well and happy.


  1. CRNA is the way to go. That is what I have decided I will be doing when I graduate. That is quite some time from now. My mother-in-law just became a CRNA and LOVES it, not to mention the paychecks are great. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

  2. Should have checked Blogger first! It's good to hear from you! Your clinicals sound very interesting, especially the debriding! Kudos to you for stating your feelings about your wife.

  3. Love this post. It's wonderful to see a man in love with his wife the way you are. You're right....marriage ain't no picnic.

    Glad your clinical is going well. Hoping you find your niche. You will, it just takes time.

    And while you're at it, if you wouldn't mind letting everyone know to quit making irrational influx visits to the ER for the swine flu. You people don't have it!

  4. 1 & 2 - The crazier my life gets - the more I realize that it all boils down to the people in it who we love and love us. Children can drive a person crazy - and marriages can have hard times - but it is all worth it when looked at with the right perspective. I've been thinking lately of how quickly my children may be grown and gone - it is sobering. Glad to hear you loving your "work" and family. :)

  5. Hey, love your blog. It's funny, I've been thinking about CRNA too,as I loved my OR rotations but don't want to be a circulator forever. I'm hoping for a residency in CCU.

  6. Glad to see you back! Baby days are hard in the beginning but get better or maybe us parents just adjust....
    I wish I would have figured out how to work hard in the beginning of the semester so the final werent so scary. I always HAD to pass my finals...Very stressful

  7. Ahh, what a nice thing to say about your wife.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. wow! I am so glad to hear you've come back to us, we've missed you. And excellent reason to be gone, if I do say so myself. You know, "they" say, the toughest time of a marriage is when you have children under the age of 5. Well, as I've said in my blog, You're in the weeds, dude. Our marriage took a complete 180 when my husband and I stopped bitching, and started accepting each other as a gift from God..warts and all. And God doesn't give junk. We started allowing each other to be who we were, not who we thought they should be. And to be thankful. Thankful for each other, thankful for home, school etc. A total attitude change. Daddy duty is a privelege many don't receive, and you are blessed. It is clearly not a duty, but a gift. The attitude? That is completely up to you. And hurrah, that you are praising wifey! I hope she is praising you as well. Gee I'm preachy ain't I? So sorry. You are doing great, and I am so happy to hear you pop by! God bless the drofen home.