Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Mrs. Drofen has her PALS recertification class today, so I've been all kids, all day, instead of using my day off to study like I normally do. Thank goodness next week is Spring Break.

Monday was an interesting day. I went ahead and took my Foundations exam even though the events the night before kept me from being prepared as much as I'd have liked to have been. I was also in quite a bit of pain and kept mis-copying answers to my scantron. I hope my grade doesn't suffer too much, but I guess I'll find out later today.

After that I had a group project for my Health Promotions class due. We had to teach the general public about fitting exercise into a busy schedule, and why it's important to do so. We set up a table in the on-campus activity center and started handing out free water bottles and conducting a raffle for free Six Flags tickets and Chipotle Bucks, in exchange for them listening to our spiel. We gave away 4 flats of water, so 96 bottles, and had over a hundred entries in our raffle. All in an hour and a half--I was hoarse by the time we were done.

Next, I headed to the chiro to get checked out. He shot X-rays, gave me an exam, adjusted me, and did some PT modalities. I felt a ton better afterward, and didn't need any pain relievers at all yesterday. However, when I went back for my follow-up appointment yesterday afternoon, we put the X-rays up on the light box and we both immediately saw something concerning. At about T-3ish, my trachea takes a sharp turn to left. I'm by no means a radiologist, but the chiropractic education includes over 20 credit hours of radiology since we can write for and perform Xrays. There is not a simple or benign reason for the trachea to deviate in the mediastinum. The best case scenario is a contusion and hematoma from the wreck. Other causes might be lymphoma, a thoracic aortic aneurysm, or even lung cancer. Needless to say I was freaked out.

After my appointment and associated troubling news, I got to go take my first OSCE of the semester for Assessment. I was able to pull it together enough get through it, and scored a 99.17%. The only thing I missed was stating 160* nail angle as related to digital clubbing from chronic hypoxia. Doh!

This morning the chiro hand carried my chest film to a radiologist he works with regularly, and she was concerned too. Concerned enough to pull some strings and get me a same day CT w/ contrast. So at 1620 I'll be lit up like a Christmas tree. Let's hope there's no packages under that tree...

I'm doing ok I think. I'm pretty scared at the moment. I have a lot of things going for me, and a total lack of secondary symptoms to suggest a disease process. But the diff dx's that come with a mediastinal mass aren't nice playmates. I'd really like to just take my toys and go home, but I'm going to have to deal with this one.

I'd appreciate good thoughts and prayers. :(


  1. Oh my! My thoughts and prayers ARE with you!

  2. you got it, wow. I will pray for you.