Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy Day Tomorrow

I have a busy day tomorrow... Start things off with an Anatomy & Physiology exam at 9:30, but I'll be up at school long before then, studying. I think having a Bachelor's in Human Anatomy is actually spurring me to study harder. I'm deathly afraid that I'm going to slack off, thinking I can coast on my prior knowledge, and I'm going to get smacked. How embarrassing would that be? Failing an undergraduate anatomy exam would just top off my whole chiropractic school experience. I should be fine, there isn't much material covered, and I am comfortable with the material. Still though, when one gets complacent...

Then I have class until 1400. At that point I head home in time for my girls to get home from school.

Then out the door again at 1630, all spiffed up--suit and tie. My nursing school interview is at 1730. It's an exciting step in my journey, and I hope I'll sleep tonight. I am scheduled to interview with the Assistant Dean, the one in charge of admissions--no pressure, haha! The interview is scheduled for 30 minutes, and my classmates that have already interviewed said to expect to be there for every minute of it. As long as I don't fark up my interview, my advisor has all but said I'm a shoo in. I hope that holds true, and I really hope I don't fark up my interview! We'll find out officially by the end of October. Hopefully the mail moves a little more quickly than it did with my interview letter--it took a full week to travel less than 10 miles, within the same city.

I've been thinking about what I'd like to do once I'm through with nursing school. I'm almost certain that I could be just fine working as an RN in a critical care unit somewhere, hopefully a pediatric critical care unit. I've considered the thought of working on a transport team. How fun would that be? Travel, and nursing. Not to mention all the autonomy being in transit affords.

I have also thought about continuing on a bit. I could see myself as a Nurse Practitioner working on a critical care unit. The salary increase isn't very substantial over working as an RN though. Another thought is becoming a CRNA. Big time salary potential there and that's not something to blow off...

I'm sure the path I'm supposed to take will be revealed at some point. Let's hope sooner than later!

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