Saturday, September 27, 2008

Successful Failure

My time since graduating chiro school has been very confusing. I've seen desperately few patients. The patients I have seen however have had immediate and profound improvement of their issues.

For example, a woman pregnant with twins could barely walk because of pregnancy induced back pain. One adjustment and she experienced immediate relief. Her symptoms returned about 5 days later, but another adjustment has kept her pain free for several weeks now.

Her husband is training for a half marathon and started into his training regime a little to vigorously. He could not run without pain in his shin. One adjustment to balance his hips, and physical therapy modalities on his shin allowed him to run 7 pain free miles this morning.

Another woman hadn't slept more than a couple hours a night for more than two weeks because of pain in her upper back. One adjustment--immediate relief. Symptoms returned 3 days later, and another adjustment has her pain free for more than a month.

And that's just a few of my patient's stories. Yet people resist coming to see a chiropractor. I'm not sure what the fear is. Is it fear of the unknown? Do they really buy into the lies that chiropractic is dangerous and causes strokes? Are they that tied up in using their insurance that they will avoid getting better, just because they can't use their insurance?

So while I've been a miserable failure because I can't put patients on my table, at the same time I've offered a few people immediate relief, and without the dangers of putting a potential poison in their bodies, or an invasive procedure. It's very frustrating. What other healthcare provider has to beg people to come and be treated?

On a side note, my younger daughter's 2nd birthday party was this evening, and it was a good time.

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