Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Ride

Took my first ride of what I hope will be many tonight. I only rode 3.4 miles to a friends house and back, but it was a good start. Legs were definitely burning, and my lungs were telling me all about it. But I think the most painful part of the experience was the seat. I'd forgotten how spartan the seat on my bike is. Given the extra padding I've accumulated on my rear end, one would think I'd be more comfortable. But that was simply not the case. I think I'll take tomorrow off, and then ride again on Tuesday. Unless I wake up sore, in which case I'll go for a short ride tomorrow to help mobilize any residual lactic acid in the legs. It's important I think, to guard against soreness. I just don't see myself keeping up with the regimen if my legs hurt.

I looked at google maps tonight, and school is 8.1 miles from my house. This semester I have plenty of time before and after class without responsibility. I'm toying with the idea of biking to school and back a couple times a week. It's a goal to work towards I think, and a money saving one at that.

I'll weigh myself in the morning to start keeping record. I think I'll only keep track once a week to avoid fussing over each and every little pound. I know that cyberspace will be holding its breath each week to find out what I've lost...

Today is my younger daughter's birthday. She was born just a few minutes ago, two years ago. She is such a beautiful child, she takes my breath away. And a good thing too, because she has a feisty temperament. In short she's lucky she's cute.

Tomorrow we take her for her 2 y/o check-up with the pediatrician. There really is no point to the visit. She'll not be receiving any immunizations, and she's in fantastic health. But I suppose it's a good thing to have regular visits on the files in case the State of Texas were to try and come after us like Delaware does it's parents who object to and decline vaccinations. Showing regular check-ups in her file will help demonstrate responsible concern for her health on our part. It's also a lot of fun to rub the pediatrician's nose in her good health. She's still never been to the doctor for a sick visit. His dire predictions of her being at risk for major diseases just haven't come to fruition. In fact, she hasn't even had any minor diseases. I do also like to give him a hard time since she is a vegetarian, which of course concerned him as well. We'll see if she's on the growth charts this visit. Last time she wasn't on the chart for 18 m/o kids, and was above the 75th percentile in height on the 2 y/o chart, haha!

Short post tonight, going to get some sleep.

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