Monday, September 29, 2008


My 2 y/o had her well-check this morning. I really do like her pediatrician. No matter how misguided he is, he definitely means well. Every visit he just wants to confirm that we are still refusing vaccinations, which we are. And he's very concerned, but that's ok. What wasn't ok was that he was 40 minutes behind by 9:20 am. Ridiculous. I guess I should have gone to medical school--it would be nice to have two waiting rooms full of people and be 40 minutes behind.

The stats don't lie though. She was 37" long, her head was 20" around, and 30.6 lbs. Head circumference and height are off the chart again, and weight is 95th percentile for her age. Conventional wisdom says to double a girls height at her 2 year birthday, (2 1/2 year height for boys,) and you'll have a fair approximation of their adult height. Do the math, that puts her at 6'2", haha! I'm not sure she'll end up that tall, but we'll see.


Our small group at church has grown just a quickly it seems. We've been a member of this particular small group for 3 years now and we've already split once before. This time it seems that overnight we suddenly had 14 couples with kids. Since we meet off campus in a home rotation things get crowded quickly and the research shows the ideal number of couples is 7. So next week we divide again, and already both groups have new couples coming in, so honestly we'll need to divide again almost immediately.

Our small group has been an integral part of our church experience. The church we attend is very large, and one could easily get lost and fall through the cracks. The small group really enhances the sense of community a great deal. Some of our best friends are in our small group, and will likely remain that way.


Got the results back from my first anatomy exam--100%. Whew. I was nervous because there were two questions that I felt either didn't have a correct answer or had two correct answers. Maybe they were thrown out. We'll see tommorrow morning as that's when we get our tests back.

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