Friday, September 26, 2008


So through the stress and torture of chiropractic school I've slowly put on weight, bit by bit, month by month, year by year. I looked down and suddenly I weighed 275lbs. Yikes!!!!

I am the quintessential big-boned guy, and for some reason I'm denser than most. (Haha, enter your own joke here...) Even at a healthy weight for me I'm considered obese by the BMI scale. I think a good weight for me is between 215 and 220, but the BMI says I should weigh 175-180. When I worked for the USFS humping a 40lb pack around 10,000-14,000 ft elevation all summer long, I dropped to 195. That was lighter than healthy I think. I couldn't eat enough calories to gain during that time. I don't think I could get much lower than that, it wouldn't be healthy at all.

I've had several false starts in losing weight now that I'm done with chiro school. I've got to get it done though because I really hate my body right now. It's embarrassing and it's gross. It doesn't help being back around young 20-somethings at school again. I'm sure they all look at me and think I'm a gross fat middle aged guy. Oh yeah, real sexy.

This current attempt over the past couple weeks, I've managed to lose 10lbs, down to 265, just by watching what I eat and making sure I'm drinking enough water. Walking in from the parking lots at school is helping me get a little more exercise too. Holy crap the new remote parking lots are way out there. Already though I can feel a spring in my step when I'm out walking, and I actually enjoy the walk--if it's not too damn hot or humid. That first week of school I thought I was going to die. I'd get to class and be sweating like a pig, which just totally added to my awesome self image. Then I'd get home and just veg on the couch because I was exhausted. Not good when I'm responsible for so many of the chores around the house.

Going to get a fork-shock pump for my bike, and then going to try getting out to ride a couple times a week. Here's a pic of my bike, except mine is red. It's a Cannondale F4, which I love. But I haven't ridden very much because the air-shock in the front keeps leaking down. The bike-shop where I bought it told me it was normal, (which it is,) but that I had to bring it in every time it leaked down. Well I popped into a new bike shop very close to my house the other day and they pointed out the shock pump that would do just fine. Go figure. Teach a man to fish and all that stuff.

Once I get a little bit of a baseline fitness down, hopefully back into the gym for some weight training. I know I have the potential for some decent muscle tone, it's shown itself in the past. Maybe my wife will show a little more interest if get some of that back. Regardless I've got to do this because I'm pissing away my life being out of shape and unhealthy.

And that's just really dumb.

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