Friday, October 17, 2008

31 Weeks

We had our 31 week midwife appointment this morning. (Have I mentioned my wife is pregnant?) It was a quick in and out appointment. Weight, BP, UA, fundal height measurement, doppler the HR, and we were out of there. My wife said it only went so smoothly because I was there to corral our younger daughter. (Sometimes it's just the two of them, which can be trying. I mean who really likes to wait in a doctor's office? Not to mention she's 2.) Everything was normal of course.

At our 20 week sonogram the placenta was a little low, which is not surprising considering we actually had a placenta previa with our younger daughter. The previa didn't move until 36 weeks, but she was born naturally--which was a huge blessing, and a direct answer to prayer. Anyway, the midwives (and overseeing OB) are concerned and want us to get sonograms with every visit. Which is ridiculous. There is nothing to be done to correct a previa in utero, (and we don't have a previa this time.) My wife never experienced any bleeding last time with a previa, or this time without a previa. So we have politely refused any further sonograms until much later in the pregnancy.

My goodness you would think we'd accused the Pope of being a Baptist.

We literally left the nurse speechless. And then they called us mid-week to try and schedule it again. When we politely explained why we wouldn't be having another sonogram until much later, the nurse said she'd call us back to let us know if that was OK. The whole time I'm thinking, "I don't need you to call us back and give us permission to make our own health care decisions..." But whatever.

My wife of course is concerned about offending them all. I think that's just silly. There is definitely a time and place for bending your behavior as social graces demand, but when it comes to the health and welfare of you and your family, one makes the best choices with the available information. Who cares if someone gets miffed? Now don't get me wrong--there is no reason to be rude, and we've been completely polite, but we're not going to let 'getting along' be the driving forces in our health care choices.

Silly people. It's like they think modern medicine invented having babies.


  1. Congrats. My wife is also pregnant - she's 15 weeks. But this one's our first.

    I agree with your take regarding the advice of specialists. They should politely offer guidance, then back off and let you make your own decisions.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Seems like they have the equipment they have to use it. Then there are the fashionable ways of doing things. I'd like to bet your new baby will be lying on his/her side/tummy/back wheras the first lay on his/her front/tummy/side and so on...

  3. Thankfully we don't worry about the SIDS spectre. My kids have healthy spines from being regularly adjusted. They sleep in the position most restful for them.