Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sam Adams Black Lager

The Black Lager is one of 3 distinctly different beers that make up Sam Adam's Brewmaster's Variety Pack. Also packaged are the Honey Porter and Irish Red which I will be writing about in upcoming reviews. I love that Sam Adams is a local US brewery. Located in Boston, Sam Adams seems to take pride in being unapologetically American--something I can identify with.

Starting with the name, Black Lager, one has a pretty good idea of what to expect opening this beer. And it does not disappoint--what a beautiful pour. Smooth and effortless as it runs into the glass, this beer is jet black with the faintest of red when held to the light. Expect a moderate amount of head, and lovely lacing.

The nose is immediately engulfed with warm, soft roasted goodness. Toasted malt leaps to the forefront, with a lager tang rounding out the bouquet. The first mouthful only continues the suppleness with roasted nuts and coffee essences dancing on the tongue. This beer is an after dinner cigar smoked in the favorite leather arm chair in front of a fire made from snow-wet wood on a cold winter's evening. Yes, it is that comfortable. My only regret is that this is a one glass beer for me.

I give this beer an A-.

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