Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mailbox Wars

The chatter about acceptance letters on the class web discussion boards is increasing. I've heard from several different places that they would be going out this week, and some claim to know people that have received them already.

So once again, I'm at the mercy of our mail person, who incidentally, has been leaving nasty diagrams in our mailbox. We have three vehicles, and a garage full of stuff. Unfortunately the size of our driveway limits the number of vehicles to two, leaving one vehicle out in the cold parked on the street. Apparently this upsets our mail person. If it were parked in front of the mailbox, I could understand. If it were blocking vehicular ingress or egress to the front of our mailbox at all, I could be sympathetic. But the poor thing is parked 15 feet from the mailbox if it's an inch. We've gotten two such diagrams now, the demonstrate the proper allowances for vehicles parked in the street--which we have been compliant with since the beginning--and threatening to stop delivering our mail. I mean really? So much for: "Neither snow nor rain not heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Apparently parked cars well away from the mailbox are, however, an issue. Maybe the mail person just doesn't like Toyota's? Toyotaphobia. It's got a nice ring.

So I will hope that the mail person can continue delivering our mail. At least until my acceptance letter arrives.


  1. I can just hear Seinfeld saying, "MAILMAN!" in that tone he uses to say, "NEWMAN!"

  2. Thanks so much for your supportive comment to one of my posts on my blog. I really appreciate the sympathy. I'll try to stand strong in the face of staff nurses trying to stir up trouble. I was warned: nurses eat their young.

    Good luck in nursing school, I hope that your acceptance letter comes soon! I've skimmed your blog a little and my unprofessional opinion is that the field of nursing would be very lucky to have you. I'd be happy to work with someone like you, especially compared to some other health care team members out there, that's for sure!