Friday, October 24, 2008

Sushi & Fetal Pigs

Meeting up for lunch with my best friend today. (Are 33 year old guys allowed to have best friends? Maybe I've been hanging out with my 9 y/o daughter too much?)

Anyway, we found a little hole-in-the-wall sushi bar that has a lunch special buffet. The first day we tried it the server spilled an entire glass of ice water on my friends wife and 18 mo daughter which was really special. The buffet was $10.95 all you can eat, but they have since lowered it to $9.99. Don't get me wrong this isn't great sushi we're talking about. It's not even good sushi. It's OK sushi. Actually to be honest it isn't even sushi, it's fake sushi--all that's on the buffet are rolls. But that's just fine. For 10 bucks, I can eat a lot of OK fake sushi sushi rolls.

After sushi it's off to anatomy lab, (yes I got stuck with the Friday afternoon 2-4 lab,) where we are in the process of dissecting a fetal pig. My group has affectionately named our pig "Porkchop" which is kind of catchy. (I voted for "Wilbur" but one of the girls in my group is named Charlotte, so that hit a little too close to home for her and she vetoed.) It's kind of funny to watch my classmates--first time to do something like this--get all squeamish. For me, after spending 8 hours a week for an entire year with cadaver in gross anatomy in chiropractic school, my tolerance for dead things has definitely gone up. Little pigs don't scare me. (Yeesh I feel like the big bad wolf.)

It will however, be interesting going directly from a sushi bar to dissection lab...

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