Friday, October 24, 2008

Kona Longboard Lager

I've taken to researching the breweries of all the beers I post about after my Blue Moon experience. Kona Brewing Co. is a microbrewery in Hawaii, and continues to produce all Kona beers. They have however, joined the Anheuser Busch distribution network, which is quite likely why I'm able to select this beer from my local Kroger beer aisle.

This lager pours thinly (as a lager should in my understanding,) with very little head and moderate lacing. The color is definitely amber tending toward orange--rather unique from what I've seen.

The nose of this beer is on the disappointing side, there just isn't much to it. I pick up the malt almost immediately with a mild yeast aroma. On the back end there is a small but noticable citrus, mostly orange, bouquet.

In the mouth the malty lager-ness presents itself up front as any respectable lager should. There is a zesty spice that I'm not familiar yet that comes through after the malt. The finish is actually quite delicate, tasting again of citrus. The finish alone defines this as a lager for those that aren't big fans of lagers. Many lagers don't let you forget you are drinking a lager--which is pretty much lager personality. But this finishes so quietly that I could envision myself drinking several bottles of this--which is not my norm for lagers.

I paired this beer with Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato sandwiches on toasted Italian country bread and thick sliced kettle roasted potato chips.

I enjoyed this beer and I will certainly be checking out the offerings that Kona has on the market. Had the nose been a little more assertive I would have scored the beer a little higher.

Overall I give this beer a B-.

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