Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I watched this movie a long time ago and really enjoyed it. I've taken up precision shooting since I saw it, so when I ordered it up on Netflix to watch again, seeing it was a different experience. I am very much a beginner to precision shooting, but I've learned a great deal, and there were several miscues in the movie. Overall though it wasn't so bad as to distract me.

The movie has a pretty good story and the plot, although predictable, marches right along. Mark Wahlberg plays a retired scout-sniper accused of an assassination attempt on the President. But all is not as it seems. Wahlberg has been set up, and even the true target of the assassination attempt is in question. Wahlberg manages to escape, and the action is set in motion as he attempts to clear his name. I've actually enjoyed watching Mark Wahlberg, he's a much better actor than many give him credit for. I'm not sure we'll see an Oscar in his future, but he's no Ahnawld either.

Danny Glover appears as a character we're not used to seeing him play. the movie doesn't really allow as much development of his character as I'd like to see, but the parts we do see, he's a downright creepy bad guy.

The stunning Kate Mara provides the female love interest, and most male viewers will agree that we could do with seeing a whole lot more of her!

This film is rated R, but it's honestly a very tame R in my opinion. There is some graphic violence as one might expect in a movie about a sniper, but certainly not to the degree of Saving Private Ryan or Gladiator. No sex scenes, but as beautiful as Kate Mara is, I'll leave that up to you as being a plus or a minus.

I give this movie a B+.

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