Friday, November 21, 2008

36 Weeks--Temporary Bedrest

Well, our midwife appointment started ok this morning, but then went straight down the tubes.

We started off in the sono suite getting our long awaited critical sonogram which showed that...the placenta is "well away from the cervix" and did not pose a problem. Interesting--much like we've been telling our midwife all along, but I digress.

We then walked across the street to the midwife's office, and I could feel my wife getting more and more anxious. There had been some discussion about wanting to do a pap smear at this visit, even though we'd expressed multiple times it wasn't something we were comfortable with. Especially since she had one only a year ago, and completely normal. She was nervous because they are usually pretty uncomfortable for her, not to mention she was probably tying herself in knots for the verbal fireworks that were sure to come.

Add into the mix that our babysitter had to cancel at the very last moment with sick kiddos, so our 2 y/o was along, and she was robustly expressing her...well, 2-ness.

Anyway the intake nurse took my wife's vitals, and of course her blood pressure was 128/90. The midwife on rotation came in, took GBS samples, and luckily she was of the opinion there was absolutely no reason to do a pap smear (did I mention I like this particular midwife?) Then we talked things through. She was willing to let us go home if we took a second BP and it was within an acceptable range. So she gave us a few minutes for my wife to relax and lay down. I managed to calm the 2 y/o to a mild simmer. I gave my wife a cervical adjustment (good for a 10-15mmHg drop, instantaneously. I know, that's cheating...)

After about 10 minutes the second BP came back at 100/76. Whew. The last thing we needed was an admission at this point.

We didn't escape unscathed though. The midwife put my wife on temporary bed rest pending the results of a 24 urine catch we start on Sunday morning. We're trying to have my wife work as long as possible because FMLA is only 12 weeks, and we'd sure like the vast majority of those 12 short weeks to be on the back end--post partum! Each weekend she can be on the schedule at work buys us another whole week...

Anyway, send good thoughts our way if you don't mind!


  1. What EXACTLY is a cervical adjustment????? Wow i could have used that late in pregnancy also:-)

  2. Good thoughts coming your way--just watch for vision changes, numbness/tingling and edema--oh, and stay faithful to that 24 hr urine! pre--ecclampsia is scary, scary!!!!

    Have a good wkend.

  3. Ahahah, cervical as in cervical vertebrae--I'm a chiropractor. Not cervical as in the cervix...

    Prisca--thanks for your concern for us. We're being careful. :)

  4. Definitely definitely sending good thoughts your way!! You are doing a great job caring for your wife and she is lucky to have you, as is your two year old (and your other daughter, though she was not discussed in this particular post)!

  5. Have to laugh because I thought the southern cervix with the aforementioned "cervical adjustment" myself! Duh, the guy is a chiropractor! LOL!

    I'm also hoping for the best! Good thoughts, and prayers, being sent across cyberspace for you and your family!

  6. Thank you Andrea and Kirsten.

    When my wife saw that comment she burst out laughing. They do say laughter is the best medicine, teehee!

  7. count me in. i was like "cervical adjustment?" for some reasons, even thinking about the cervix, it sounded kind of, i don't know, naughty?

    seriously, warm thoughts going to your wife and you. and coming from someone who just had my pap a week ago, i totally feel her pain, and her dislike for it. just the thought terrifies me.

    anyway, from another netflix member here, "the departed" will make you want to wish you know matt, leonardo and jack in real life. so real, i felt literally sorry they were all gone :)

  8. Thank you May!

    Yeah, The Departed has been sitting on top of the DVD player waiting for me to work up the energy to watch it. Simply from the previews I know I'm going to love this movie...