Saturday, November 22, 2008

Radio Blackout Update

For those of you on the edge of your seat (ha!) wondering about our travels around the dark side of the moon, we now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this breaking news.

I've told my wife where this blog is located before, and I certainly wasn't trying to keep anything secret from her, but I wasn't sure whether or not she actually read it regularly. Well, after the radio blackout post, if she wasn't regularly reading before, she is now! Which is all well and good for me, (hi sweetie!*wave*)

One might think that after my very public, (albeit relatively anonymous,) airing of our, eh, technical difficulties, we'd have had a long heart-to-heart talk about all our marital challenges, and then fallen to the floor like rabbits making up for lost time. But that didn't happen. In fact the conversation went a little something like this:

Wife: "I read your blog."

Drofen: "Oh....yeah?"

Wife: "Yep."

Drofen: "...."

Wife: "So, what time did the 2 y/o go down last night?"

As you can see, nothing earth-shattering. But what has happened is much, much better. Instead, I've noticed a distinct increase in, and more creative, maintenance programs. Heck, we even managed to slip in (haha) a transmission with ground control, even though we're around the dark side of the moon. Let me tell you, it was good to hear from mission control...

All in all,, space travel is still hard work, but let's just say the flight crew is much happier right now...

(Thank you sweetie!)


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh, glad to hear it. It's a hard thing, talking about that stuff, w/o worrying you'll hurt their feelings.

  2. my husband reads my blog. or used to. thing is, he got tired of reading what he usually already heard from me in person, so he kinda peeks in sometimes, but never regularly.

    anyway, i admire your wife for not taking offense that you posted about your private sexual issues on your blog. i'm sure this is a culture issue, because if it was me, i would be very offended that you can't keep it between us by letting the whole blogosphere read all about it, without asking me first if it was okay. even if you are anonymous, real people read this blog and that will freak me out as a woman, which will probably lead to me being more cautious about talking about it with you, (if you were my husband) because i will be paranoid that whatever i say or not say will be used against me in the blog so to speak. which, if i'm not wrong, was the reason behind your very short/unopen conversation as you posted.

    i totally understand how frutrating these things are, and i think your wife is blessed to have a husband who is sensitvie enough to care about her feelings without expecting what most men think is their right, no matter what. i hope that by venting it out, it did help both of you, not just you.

    sorry. this is too long.

  3. May--

    I appreciate your candor.

    Please don't think that at the first indication of a problem I came straight here and posted what I did. This has been talked about and discussed and yelled about and not talked about and generally fought over, many, many, many times. Believe me there is no lack of communication here.

    Also, please don't take this post as me 'getting back at' or 'taking to task' my wife. She would quickly tell you I'm painfully adept at letting her know when I'm not happy--something I'm working on toning down actually. My point is there are countless other easier ways for me to communicate my displeasure than this blog.

    Instead, this is my personal blog where I anonymously vent personal feelings. It really is all about me here. Maybe that sounds terribly selfish, but it's the one place I allow myself to be that way--that's what this space is for. My wife only knows about this blog because I believe in personal accountability--I wouldn't like it if she had a secret place where she expressed herself that I didn't know about. So I don't do that to her.

    Thank you everyone for reading, and for your comments--I appreciate it more than you know.

  4. Definitely sounds like you guys make a great team. :)