Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busted. Big time.

I had a Nursing Concepts test today, and it went pretty well, so I rewarded myself with a Starbucks Chai Tea Frappuccino on the way home. I figured that the 2 y/o was napping and so was my wife because she went to work this evening (yay!), so I just sat down inside and enjoyed my drink.

Looking out the window, I just sat and enjoyed watching life unfold while I sipped my 'hand-crafted beverage'. There was flock of chickadees and sparrows battling over the choicest morsels on the sidewalk in front of me. Traffic was spasmodic in the road in front of me because a Firestone company pickup had broken down in the left turn lane creating a bottleneck. (I have to say, it's the ultimate FAIL to be sitting in a broken down pickup splashed with advertisements exhorting the benefits of preventative automotive maintenance, HAHA) Kids were scurrying around the playground at the daycare across the way.

And then I saw them. Four young black males, walking up the sidewalk. Hats pulled low, crotch bottom pants even lower, and black hoodies in the upright and locked position. My first thought was, "Dang, those guys are up to no good at all."

And so I watched them. I watched as they jay-walked across traffic to the median, causing people to slow down to keep from hitting them.

Yep, up to no good.

And I watched them. I watched as they walked up to the broken down truck, and spoke with the two female Firestone employees sitting inside. Then they all four got behind the pickup, and when the light turned green, they pushed it through the intersection to safety.


Just when I was sitting there so smug with my new-found cultural sensitivity, and I totally blew it. You see, I've been working so hard to learn about other cultures and to be more accepting of people in general.


It's hard for me to admit what happened today, and I'm sure there will be plenty of discussion over it. My one request is that it be kept respectful to all those involved.


  1. Oh goodness, this belonged as a TINTINTS issue.

    We've all been there. We all have.

  2. It takes an amazing person to be able to share that. Everyone judges appearances in some way or another. I am sure you're not a prejudiced person. It's a learning experience, and you're a good person for taking it as one, and passing the knowledge on to others through your blog.

    You're lucky to have observed that kindness from anybody! People in LA are too busy with themselves to help others... I am guilty of that at many times. But there is still good in the world, and that's wonderful.

  3. Don't beat yourself up too badly. I had a similar experience recently. It was fairly late at night and I had taken my youngest son to the store to buy a small toy as promised. There was no one in the store aside from me and a mexican man who was oogling me with these tiny shifty eyes. Seemed he was in every aisle I ventured down. As I am standing in line to pay, I swiped my debit card and made an obvious move to turn the machine away from his prying eyes as I typed in me pin number. I know it was noticable, although I didn't intend for it to be THAT noticable. Forgive me, I'm paranoid and very untrusting as I watch way too many crime shows late at night. As I walked out I even contemplated how to quickly load my son in the car seat and lock the doors as I got in the car. I saw him come out shortly after me and get in the car where his family with 3 small children awaited. He opened the box of cookies he had purchased and fed them while they smiled. I felt like an asshole.