Sunday, November 2, 2008

5 Annoying Things In Life Right Now

1. Our 2 y/o has taken to calling me by my first name. No doubt she's picked it up from my wife's exasperated exclamations, which has been happening pretty often lately. The 2 y/o has also started reflexively saying, "Huh??" every time someone speaks to her.

2. It's November and it's 82*. I had to turn the A/C back on for goodness sake!

3. The mail people can't decide on a time to deliver the mail, so I've missed getting bills sent out two days in a row. After having a check stolen and washed we don't let our outgoing bills sit in the mailbox now.

4. Our leader for a group project in one of my required pre-nursing classes has apparently bitten off more than she can chew. I get that people are busy, but if you've got more on your plate than you can eat, then let someone else handle the leadership roles. This project is a hefty portion of my grade in a class my nursing school acceptance is conditional on, and she's taking our submission down to the wire. I hate that. Things can go wrong. Things DO go wrong.

5. My local Kroger had 3 cashiers working this evening. One on the self check, one on the 15 items line, and one on a regular register. That made me #6 in line with $150 in groceries and a 2 y/o in the cart...


  1. Yikes! It sounds like you need a beer.

  2. Haha, indeed. Drinking a Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale. Review will be forth-coming.

  3. I can relate to your group project woes! For my last online class going toward my BS in Psych, Research Methods, we are in lab groups. Did I mention it's an online class? Yeah, we have to submit, almost weekly, a different part of our report. One of the group members, took on the statistical info/results section...and I haven't heard from him since last Monday! Our conclusion was due yesterday, and I can't write it without all the other info!

    December wont come soon enough!

    Your 2 year old sounds like a doll!

  4. Thats when you have to call each other mom and dad, then she'll go back to it.

  5. Yeah, we do that pretty standard practice. But she's smarter than that. She thinks it's funny. So we're ignoring it, trying not to reward her with attention when she does it. We'll see if it works or not.