Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Last Kiss

The Last Kiss was released in the Fall of 2006, but I hadn't heard of it until it was recommended to me by Netflix's crystal ball. The basic premise here is one that's been played out time and time again. The movie follows the shenanigan's of a group of fellas in various places in their lives. I do have to say that this movie was very smooth about it however, I hardly felt stuffed into the boxed walls of a well known plot. Thankfully the movie doesn't relish in being a group drama, and spends little time trumpeting that fact, which I love. The movie just gets down to brass tacks.

Straight out of the blocks I would be remiss if I didn't mention Rachel Bilson. While she isn't the main character here, I think she's absolutely stunning, and have thought so ever since I first saw her in Jumper. And once again, I think she's done an absolutely effortless job of playing her character in such an open and honest manner that I scarcely noticed she was acting. Either she's been this character in real life, or she's the real deal with excellent clarity and subtlety in her acting skills. I think of all the characters in this film, I felt for her the most.

I haven't really been a big Zach Braff fan. I mean, he's OK in Scrubs, but that part was basically written for him. I have a hard time taking him seriously in drama roles, and this role is no different. He isn't particularly bad. But not particularly good either. I can identify with his character somewhat, but mostly because I've struggled with some of the things he does in the movie, not because he brings the character to life. All in all, I'd say his performance is only so-so, but that doesn't surprise me in the least. Sorry Zach, I'm just not that much of a fan. It's nothing personal.

A third actor I've really enjoyed watching lately is Casey Affleck. He's grown up as an actor overshadowed by his brother Ben. Ben's blockbuster star power when pairing with Matt Damon is undeniable. And honestly Bounce and Jersey Girl (yes I liked it,) show some of Ben's depth. But believe it or not, I think Casey is a far better actor. He's a scrapper, and he earns an audience's respect in each an every role he plays in each and every film. I particularly like his character in Good Will Hunting, and it's a perfect illustration: No one ever expects much from him, but movie after movie he turns in A+ performances with little to no Affleck/Damon hullabaloo.

Be aware this film explores relationships and sexuality is a constant theme. Several characters have sex on camera and there is a copious amount of nudity. The movie was originally billed as a romantic comedy, but I think it really is more of a drama. The viewer is privvy to the details of the ugly disintegration of several relationships, and that my friends is no laughing matter. The movie isn't perfect, but neither is life. And believe me, this film has plenty of life. Real. Stark. Life. In the end though, I was better for the experience of having watched it.

I give the movie a B+.


  1. Oooh I am always looking for a new movie to watch! Thanks for the suggestion. I can always use one that requires no brains to watch.

  2. Me, too-I love movies so will have to pick this one up. Thanks for the thorough review (and keep em coming--I always need ideas).

  3. Yep, I have a few more coming down the pipe. Darn that Netflix...

  4. Zach Braff likes doing movies that have an odd or subtle humor to them, like Garden State. I've only seen part of The Last Kiss but I definitely want to have Brian record it next time it's on one of the movie channels.

  5. thanks for the laugh.....I needed that :)

  6. Andrea: Yeah, i actually enjoyed Garden State, but even then, he wasn't my favorite character.

    Christy: I live to serve. :)