Monday, February 9, 2009

Cadillac Ranch #2

Canon 40d, Canon 17-40mm f4L
1/400s f8 at 17mm iso200


  1. Gotta love that panhandle sky! So clear (as long as the wind is down and it is not filled with dust, like today!).

    Hope things have gotten better. Sounded a little rough the other day...


  2. Nicely done, did you use a gradient filter for the sky in Cadillac Ranch #2? Quite an interesting shot.

  3. TAC--No, no gradient filter. I did make a curves adjustment in post-processing--basically I steepened the curve in the A & B channel in the LAB colorspace. Looking at it on this monitor I may have pushed it tad too far as I'm seeing some blocking, but on my color corrected monitor it's not evident.

    Thanks stopping by and leaving a comment!

    JK--I only stopped to take this pic on your suggestion. :)

  4. Tell me again why you aren't doing this for a living? You are so talented, it gives me chills. I'm so envious. You need to give me some major lessons. could really make money at this. Maybe it would even help pay for nursing school...?

  5. Christy--I wish it were that easy. I'd love to be able to do that. Unfortunately I think the only fast money in photography is shooting weddings. Most of those are on the weekends, and that's when my wife works and I play Mr. Mom.

    I actually have a couple prints hanging in an art gallery in my home town (an old high school friend owns it), but they've been there for almost a year now with no sales, LOL.

  6. Had you ever been by there before? I had but had never been up close. Thanks for posting the #1 so that I could see it! I am usually with Hubby at those moments and he won't stop to appreciate "things like that". So I appreciate you showing them to me! :)

  7. definitly have an undeniable talent.