Tuesday, February 10, 2009

School Days

I remember reading other nursing student's blogs and wondering why they seemed to blog so sporadically. I thought, "Surely the class load isn't keeping them from blogging?!? I won't do that.

Ha. Here I am 4 days since my last meaningful post, with a couple of photos thrown in to pass the time.

We had our first exam of the semester this morning--Assessment. It was over a lot of material, half of which we were never lectured on because of our bad weather days a couple weeks ago. I did pretty well, having found one question so far that I know I've missed, and one question that possibly didn't have a correct answer at all. The exam had 65 questions on it, so that puts each one worth less than 2 points so I can miss 5 and still have an A.

I've been studying my butt off though, trying to get everything done. It's become more than a little ridiculous though, and near impossible to complete everything and be a participant in the outside world. I had two days of clinical last week because I'm a boy, and that got rid of one of my days off. Friday I lounged and did nothing, which turned out to be a big mistake. Saturday I started freaking out in the morning at the volume of material I had to do, so immediately after lunch I hit the books. I got most of my Foundations and Health Promotions reading finished by about 9 pm. Sunday, I got the family out the door to church, then hit the grocery store while making a pizza for their lunch. I was in Barnes & Noble (a favorite study spot,) by 1230 and I didn't get home until 9 pm. I finished my reading for Foundations, completed a LONG ASS online module, and studied 4 of 6 chapters for the exam. Monday I was in class all day long, got home at 430, made dinner for the family, and then got them out the door to small group meeting while I studied the last two chapters. Ugh. I'm tired just thinking about it. Or maybe I'm still tired from doing it.

No break though, because I have lab at 2 until 5, then home to fix dinner. Then I have yet another online module to finish before midnight tonight.


Anyway, I hope to be around to all your blogs this evening sometime and do some catch-up commenting. Thanks to everyone for checking on me! :)


  1. i've often said this to my coworkers who are in school, and i'm going to say it to you:

    i don't know how you guys do it, because when i was in school, i was living inside the campus dorm, no job, no family to think of, and most of the times, i remember myself complaining it was just too hard.

    my hats off you!

    assessment wasn't one of my favorite subjects, and i still hate doing it now, but it's just one of those things you have to do you know...

  2. Seems as though you're busy, busy, busy. I know the feeling. Nursing school is hard work. Make sure to keep us update. We miss you. :(

  3. Welcome to nursing school. Pure hell for the next 4 years.

    In 3rd years my class was asked to create a logo for the nursing program. Everyone drew such lovely things, well done and professional looking. I drew a toilet with swirling water that said, "YOUR LIFE" in it with the nursing program name at the bottom on the toilet. Yup, your life is gone like the swirling toilet water. Say good-bye to it. It's best you just acknowledge it now to get the pain over with.

    And then you'll take up drinking martinis.

    All this coming from a survived nursing student.

  4. yup, we're in the midst of the swamp my man.

  5. also....to quote a teacher yesterday...he said that the ADN program was more strenuous, stressful, and difficult than his BSN or MSN. And this teacher? He was a marine for over 20 years. Tough little man who knew what was what. That is where we are.

  6. Blogging believe it or not was my outlet, my reward. It seemed to be the only thing that I could squeeze in that was just for me. Write when you can and then catch us up when you cant.There is something about speaking to a audience that chooses to listen . Particularly other student who are forced to read stuff that they may not want to read and when they choose to spend their time reading what you wrote and leave a comment, its rewarding.

  7. I always saved up my blog posting for after my clinical shifts for the week, with maybe another post at the opposite end of the week. While I was a student, blogging about the clinical day was a good "post-mortum" to decompress, evaluate how things went, and then forget about it until next week.