Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's & Such

Valentine's Day was pretty good this year.

My wife brought me flowers, and she wanted to make sure I let everyone know that she decided to that before she read my blog about only receiving flowers once before in my life.

I also got a card, and inside that card was an appointment card for a 50 minute massage at a new massage clinic in town! Never had a massage before, so that will be...fun? Stimulating?

There was much discussion with her and some of my other friends about whether the massuese will be male or female. To muddy the waters the appointment was made with "Jamie" a la Pat from SNL. Some one suggested that if it were a guy then I wouldn't have to worry about a certain parasympathetic reaction occurring. My retort to that was the only thing worse would be if that happened and it WAS a guy masseuse!!

My appointment is for in the morning, and my wife has promised to help me with some grooming functions in preparation--namely back hair, which I unfortunately can't reach with my electric clippers.

In return I got my wife a card and a pedometer so she can start counting steps.

Our small group had a couples only dinner, and then watched Fireproof. I'll be doing a review of the movie here soon. It was a really nice evening. Capped it all off with some painful but soundless (Baby Drofen was in his bassinet at bedside,) adult recreation.

So thank you Mrs. Drofen for a lovely Valentine's weekend. And thank you for trying to get us 'back in the saddle.' Mostly thank you for trimming my back hair for me. :)

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  1. Excited for the next installment..is Jamie a guy or gal?! :)