Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So my massage was this morning. It was...interesting.

Jamie turned out to be Janice. Janice turned out to be 4'11" with hands the size of a 9 y/o. (I know, I have one.) And she wore a fanny pack.

Janice was very interested to hear that I was a doctor of chiropractic and said, "Maybe I should come work in your office."

She said, "Maybe this is my interview."

I said, "Maybe."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't have an office.

Massage therapists should be happy. They definitely shouldn't hate their job. Or if they do, they should keep that to themselves. Janice didn't seem very happy. And she didn't seem to like her job much.

I probably wouldn't have hired her if I did have a practice.

Overall it was nice. But massage therapists hands shouldn't start shaking halfway through the massage from the effort. Also I would have rather she spent less time on my face and my glutes and more time on my back, but apparently my 50 minutes were up because I got a cursory swipe and wipe on my back.

It was a really great gift, and I'd love to have another.

Just probably not with Janice.


  1. Poor Janice for not doing the best job, but YAY you for getting a massage. I'm jealous. I need one seriously bad.

  2. Good for you!

    Sorry she didn't focus on your problem areas though.

    As in any relationship, communication is key. I used to get a massages regularly and she always wanted to know my "problem areas" before we started a session. I also gave her feedback as we went so she could adjust to how my body was responding on any given day.