Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Here's a brief post about the last few days.

Thursday was the first day of non-orientation type Foundations Lab (what we do when we're not at clinical.) It was at our Smart Hospital which apparently is revolutionary and has been toured by thousands and thousands of school administrators and government people from several different countries. It's basically a sim lab with dummy's etc, but it's set up a like a real hospital. There are ICU suites, ER suites, pedi suites, OBGYN suites, etc. Anyway it's pretty cool. But we found out as soon as we arrived that we would be working with 'standardized patients'--patients that are paid actors, but from the community. And the kicker was that they were going to be evaluating our skills! Our skills that we had only heard lecture over, and hadn't even practiced on each other, let alone real people! Nice little surprise to generate some sympathetic responses. It was very stressful, luckily we got to go in the rooms as pairs, so we could feed off of each other. We did our PPE and hand-washing check-off and I passed, thank goodness. I was a bit worried because the gown, mask, and gloves were all about 3 sizes too small for me. In fact the gown hiked up my sleeve and displayed my shoulder tattoo, which is normally NOT visible, and the instructor griped at me, big fun.

Yesterday we traveled to my wife's home town where one of two sisters that are pregnant had delivered the night before. She was about 38 weeks along when she delivered and it was really bad timing, haha. I told her husband to get used to it, because that's how it works when you have kids, LOL! They had a baby shower scheduled at their church--which went on without her, since they couldn't notify everyone that it would be canceled. They also just bought a house and had to be out of their current house post haste. So I spent the day with my F-I-L and the husband's father and brother moving all their furniture. I'm SORE today, but it was good, we got all their furniture moved, and picked up some new furniture and a frig for them also. I couldn't believe how lazy his family was though, anything that was heavy, they arranged it so my F-I-L and I got the honors. At first it could have been coincidence, but towards the end it was really obvious. Kind of frustrating, but oh well. We got home about 6 pm (they live about 90 miles from us) and I grilled up some bacon wrapped venison back-strap. The bacon grease totally caught on fire on the grill, but somehow miraculously the whole thing ended up grilled to perfection--better to be lucky than good I guess.

Today my wife, the 2 y/o and Baby Drofen are staying home from church because the 2 y/o has a green snotty nose that she's working out. The 9 y/o and I will be going to church, and then it's school work all this afternoon. Way behind on reading since I was busy all day yesterday. And I have a couple modules to get through, so look for more Evolve QOTD posts.

Finally, here's a small prayer that Christy and her family is ok. They're caught up in the Kentucky ice storm aftermath. I was really worried last night because I hadn't heard from her in awhile, but then she posted late last night. Anyway, Christy, hope things are getting better...

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