Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clinical Jeopardy

  • Nursing School
  • Insertion of a rectal tube.
  • Deep tracheal suction.
  • Bagging of a coding patient.
  • Bagging of a freshly intubated coding patient.
  • Grabbing the ankles of a seizing patient and dragging them back into bed, inches from hitting the floor head first after a doctor took the headboard off the bed.
  • Helping move and transfer approximately 19 million patients.
  • What are things Drofen did during his very first day of clinical?


  1. And I thought I was being productive by cleaning out my junk drawer. You win. ;)

  2. Haha, I'm sure everything I listed is totally routine for you, in the first 2 hours of a shift, LOL.

  3. wow, and dang! Good for you. Except the rectal tube...ewww.

  4. Whoa cool!!!! Great job man. What kind of floor were you on and is it normal or just lucky that you had code experience on your very first clinical day?? I dont anticipate myself being afraid when my first code comes, but I'm sure I'll be sad and maybe overwhelmed afterward, especially if it ends in expiration, cause I can put too much of my heart into my pt nurse relationshipsometimes.

  5. I am just hoping that there was time for hand washing in between the rectal tubing and tracheal suction!! :)

  6. Thanks Heather.

    Andrea--it's a med surg/tele floor. My preceptor was totally awesome. She had 5 patients, 3 of them were total care. Yet she still had time to tell me all about what she was doing, why she was doing it, and why she was doing it when she was doing it. She also gave me the heads up that the code might be about to happen. I zipped my butt down there and was in the room a full 5 or 10 minutes before they actually called the code--great intuition. Awesome experience. I've requested her back next week. :)

  7. Aahh... it ONLY gets better!

  8. Man I'd kill for those experiances! Well, not literally but my last couple days of clinical have been BORING. Mother, baby unit where everyone is healthy. Bring on the exitement PLEASE!!

  9. Ya know, it does sound like a typical shift. Non stop madness. :) How are you?