Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Rite of Parenthood #9

The successful parent realizes that certain sounds in the English language are more difficult to pronounce than others. For example, the hard "C" sound can be particularly troublesome for the 2 y/o palate. Often the child will approximate the sound as best they can from the repertoire of sounds they have already mastered. For example, a 2 y/o might substitute a hard "T" sound for a hard "C" sound.

The successful parent realizes that to avoid discouraging a child from learning, it is important to maintain a straight face when this approximation makes for unfortunate mistakes in the pronunciation of words.

Even when the 2 y/o chases the cat around the house shouting, "Here "T"itty, "T"itty, "T"itty!"


  1. That is SO cute!!! I can't wait for mine to talk! Although, between Hubby and I, one of her first words may be a cursor...oops. We really need to watch our mouths, I am sure!!

  2. irrefutable parenting wisdom :)