Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Watch 12/8/08

We had a midwife appointment this afternoon, and all is well. The office scales continue to be funky, and my wife supposedly gained 6 pounds in a week. Our home scale which has been consistent throughout puts the weight gain at more like 2 pounds. Since they can't get their scales calibrated, my wife is rewarded with doing yet another 24 hr urine catch. At least this time she'll just go to the lab very near our house since the intake nurse is too chicken to draw blood from my wife.

The midwife also checked her today and said she could get a finger-tip into the cervix, but that's it. My wife was pretty disappointed, which I expected. I do know that normally her cervix is really low, and easy to find. Lately though I haven't been able to even reach it, and the midwife had trouble as well today. So baby Drofen has lots of room to drop yet. Our sonogram was 2 1/2 weeks ago, and he measured 6.5 lbs at that time, so that puts him nearing 8 lbs following the 1/2 lb a week rule.

Work-wise, my wife picked up a few hours last night for a coworker. She had been contemplating working this coming Wednesday, but I'm not sure it's worth it--not much money more, and doesn't gain us anymore FMLA on the back end. So she may be done working since she's worked all the shifts she was scheduled for.

She's starting to get uncomfortable, her pubic symphysis is achy. She got her first stretch mark, not on her belly, but on hip, one on each side. Her back was bothering her earlier, but I took care of that.

We started the discussion about how long past her due date we want to go before we want to allow them to intervene. We're both pretty adamant that we don't want an induction. We're also both comfortable with a week past her date, but the problem is that she's due on the 19th. A week past the 19th puts us interfering with the holidays, so we're not sure how that would play out. But we'll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

Welp, that's the update for today. Stay tuned for the fireworks.


  1. Honestly, I wouldn't put much of your mind on the holiday time period. What happens, happens. If she spontaneously labors on Christmas eve or day, will you need to change your holiday plans? Of course you will.

    Just try and go with the flow, as much as you can. And avoid the induction as much as you can, unless she truly gets sick with preeclampsia and needs to give birth sooner rather than later.

    Keep us posted!

    PS - my word verification was "carat" - me thinks you need to buy the wife a few of them!

  2. Oh, we have no fear of modifying OUR holiday plans if Baby Drofen decides that's the time.

    We're more concerned that any type of scheduled induction (knock on wood) might be put off by the midwives/docs because of the holiday.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Oh and have no fear, as soon as I'm able, copious carats shall be forthcoming, LOL! (Believe me, I know I'm an exceptionally blessed man.)

  3. Oh how exciting that she's getting so close! You two must be beside yourselves right about now. Hoping no induction is necessary. Sending my best wishes your way.....