Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That and This

Is it allowable to make 3 posts in one day? I've been home all day except for running to the meat market for our Christmas brisket.

1. I've been working on my HIPPA disclaimer in anticipation of nursing school. It's in the sidebar if you want to take a look. Be sure to tell me if I should add anything.

2. For dinner tonight I made vegetable quesadillas with tomatoes, orange bell pepper, diced onion, green tomatillo salsa, and monterey jack cheese. Except that I diced a little too much onion. But I decided, "what the hell, I'm not getting lucky tonight," and I like onion so I stuffed it in anyway. It was good. Of course I can probably peel paint with my breath, but who cares? It's kind of liberating.

3. My mother is in town, so she and the 9 y/o spent the day making cookies. They made poinsettia shaped cookies with dough turned red with jello, and made gingerbread men. They had a good time, but totally took over my kitchen. I had to kick them out so I could trim the brisket and get it marinating.

4. The 2 y/o's favorite game lately is Hide & Seek. Mostly she just loves the counting part. She hides her face and counts to 20(!!!) and then she's off to find whoever is playing with her. She's good at that part of it. Turn it around though and the concept gets a little shaky. If you hide your face and count so that she can go hide, she sits in the middle of the floor listening in delight as you count. Oh well. We'll work on the hiding thing.

5. My dad flies in tomorrow afternoon, and then there are Christmas Eve services at our church. Not sure if we'll go or not at this point. We just found out there will be no childcare of any kind, so all kids will be in service. And the service is expected to last 45 minutes. I'm pretty sure that's a perfect guarantee that the 2 y/o will make a guest appearance on the "Naughty List", so it just doesn't seem fair to subject her to that. We considered leaving my wife at home with the two younger kids, but that doesn't seem fair either.

6. I think I better stop at 5.


  1. Likin' the sidebar HIPPA. I sure love your sense of humor. You do me proud.

  2. brisket sounds excellent, what a great idea! Have a great christmas, with all your family!
    P.S. HIPPA Hoopla...very creative!

  3. I third the hellaciously good hippa hoopla! Brisket is awesome...yummee!!! We do a big garlic covered roast. I started it as a tradition a while back, wanting to get away from the traditional ham/turkey thang. Merry Christmas!

  4. Your HIPPA statement is about the best I've read.

    Your blog caught my eye because of the mention of going back to school ... hope you won't mind if I include a link to you in my blogroll of Back to Schoolers?