Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stick 'Em Up

I'm supposed to be studying for my A&P exam tomorrow, so a bulleted post will have to do.

  • Wife is good. Her blood pressure has been rock steady ever since she was cleared to go back to work. Baby Drofen is so ready to be here, I swear we hear an egg timer chiming if you listen in just the right place on her belly...
  • Our last midwife visit went very well. Now that the intake nurse's head cold has passed, my wife's BP is normal again--coincidence? I think not! Oh, and supposedly my wife lost 3 pounds from the previous visit. So she insisted she be weighed on the other scale in the office. She miraculously gained 4 pounds during the walk from one exam room to the other. So much for calibrated scales and objective data...
  • My wife and I got a babysitter last night and went on a date. We were supposed to go to her work Christmas party, but when I found out the only reason we were going is because she was not working, I nixed that crap in exchange for a nice quiet evening. We went to a Mexican/Salvadorian restaurant for dinner (with EXCELLENT service!) and then did a little Christmas shopping. And I was later handsomely rewarded for spending some couple time with my wife. :)
  • Wrapped up my A's in 3 of 4 classes with a group project turned in today. I would have to seriously fark up my finals to screw up my 4.0 at this point. The 4th class is A&P and I have 26 points to give on the exam tomorrow and I'll still have an A, which means I'll be exempt from the final.
  • Got my admissions packet for nursing school this past Friday. Holy crap I have a lot to do before Dec 19th!!

Back with more regular posting soon!


  1. It's that crazy time of year in the life of a student! Good luck, and props to you for making some couple-time in the melee!

  2. Yay for a good blood pressure reading!

    Yay for you for ditching the office Christmas party. :)

  3. Oh, forgot to mention that JeepMan was duly impressed by your one-tons and 38s. He explained the one-tons to me...I knew what the 38s were.

    We were set on making THIS Jeep (its our 6th) street-legal yet capable. Our last one had to be trailered everywhere. It's an expensive-enough hobby without having to buy a trailer and a 10-cylinder truck as accessories....

  4. omgosh, 26 frick'n pts to keep an A??? Dang, not eeeeeeeeven in my delerious dreams! Congrats, that is EXCELLENT! So are ya ready to jump into nsg sch? I do believe you will saaaaaaaaaail through. I'm glad you and wifey got time alone, it is so important. It's a good reminder for me. BTW, did you see my blog's reading level? I'm so derned proud. But what was weird, was that my Facebook page was "genious" level. There are barely 2 sentences together, isn't that strange? Okay, it just occurs to me that I'm babbling. Have a great day.

  5. P.S. Thank goodness your wife is so dang smart! God bless on upcoming birth!