Monday, December 29, 2008

The Rite of Parenthood #2

The successful parent can discern between a monkey-stuffed-banana monkey and a pile of dog crap, even in the dim light of an LED night light.

What is a monkey-stuffed-banana monkey you ask?


  1. Whew...I'm glad you included pictures. I dropped by when it was just the first line and left feeling like I must not be on the "successful parent" list.

    NOW I get it!!

    I'm sorta torn between "aww, isn't that cute!" and "alien pod giving birth...?"

    I can see how the pile of monkeys could be confusing to the less than successful parent, however. Especially in dim lighting.


  2. Hehe, I thought that might be a little cryptic. When I wrote the post I searched for a picture on the web, and apparently we have the only monkey stuffed banana on the planet. So I finally broke down and took pictures of ours.