Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And So It Begins...

Today is January 20, 2009, a day clearly significant in America's political and social landscape. I think it's important to note that the effects of Obama's inauguration travels far beyond the powers of a mere mortal man. You see folks, Obama is but a mortal man, with all the limitations and restrictions inherent. But the nature of the man is not where this phenomenon draws its power. Instead, albeit with no small amount of nudging and campaigning by his organization, America as a whole has taken inspiration in the moment and breathed life into this rallying cry of change. It is the conscious decision of a million individuals. They choose to believe Obama represents change, and in that belief they themselves will catalyze that which they attribute to him.

Obama is a remarkable man to be sure. He has managed to be enough of all things to enough of all people for enough time to win their allegiance. My only wish is that the American people realize that it is the people that have created change, not a candidate turned President.

Notably while Obama was being sworn in, I was sitting in my official first class of nursing school (thank goodness for DVRs). Climate of change indeed. I have to say the entire class was depressingly anticlimactic. After the frenetic chaos of pre-class exercises, homework, and reading assignments, lecture was just lecture. And it followed suspiciously along with the assigned reading.

So now here I sit, 80-odd PowerPoint slides behind me, waiting until 1400 for the health dept to accept patients again so I can get my second round of immunizations. The school library is teeming with happily chattering 5th graders...er, college kids. The computers are painfully slow--this keyboard's left hand shift key doesn't work, and the "77777777777777" key sticks. Dr. Ruth's column is still next to the classified ads in the student newspaper, just like it was in 1998 when I first came to this school.

I have a life altering decision to make in the next couple of weeks or so. A decision that could have a lasting impact on my relationship with my older daughter. Prayers for clarity of mind are gratefully accepted.


  1. What life altering decision? Whatever it is I will keep you in my thoughts :)

  2. Wow. So a heavy decision weighs on your heart, hey? Praying you have wisdom and peace with your choice.

    'Twas a day to mark down in the history books, that's for sure. I'm Canadian and I felt shivers down my spine with the significance of our neighbor's new president. Wishing you and your country all the best.