Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of calling on the local county Texas Health Dept office for my second Hep B and MMR vaccines. (Oops, my HIPPA just violated itself.) During my spa-like 2 1/2 hour visit to get jabbed twice, I overheard the following disgruntled grumblings.

Hoodlum A: "How much you wanna bet we finally get in there and they run out of shots."

Hoodlum B:
"If that happens I swear I will burn this place down. I'm not joking, I'll do it."

Hoodlum A: (Gesturing angrily towards the front desk) "Look at them! There's 3 of them up there, and only one of them is doing anything!!"

Hoodlum B: "Yeah, they sure are working hard at talking though."

Hoodlum A: "We pay for their salaries, they work for us, they better get off their butts and do something!"

Oh and what did these two hostile hoodlums look like?

Little old blue-haired ladies, complete with bunching pantyhose and shiny black patent leather purses. Just when I thought I might have to make a run for it to avoid being caught up in a terrorist attack, the conversation turned to the latest Sunday School class gossip instead.

Sign of the times I guess.


  1. Hahahahahahahaaa!
    Pyro grannies. Look out people! They're on the loose!

  2. haha! and i love that you violated your own HIPAA! *grin*

  3. Why do old ladies have blue hair?

    This would be even funnier if you linked it to that post about the guys helping the disabled car.

  4. hehe. Old ladies can be pretty snotty. WHeN I was in high school and worked at Dairy Queen the single old ladies that came in were awful while the single old men were cute and pleasant. I always told myself I was going to be like the cute elderly men when I got old. However, after writing my latest blog, I am beginning to understand why the old ladies are so cranky. :)

  5. Ha haaaaaaaa! Reminds me of my grandmother and how much she tends to judge others. It's not that she's a bad person, quite the contrary, but she's old school and will gasp at someone who may wear their pants below their navel. lol