Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Coming of the Ice Age

Apparently global warming is upon us. The Dallas-Fort Worth media is an absolute frenzy over a potential ice-storm headed our way. It's been non-stop coverage since the 10 o'clock news last night.

My college has canceled classes for the day, even though it was still 35* this morning when I got up. But it has since fallen to 30*, and it is starting to ice up outside. The trees are starting to put on a light coating, and the eaves are dripping slower and slower as they start to solidify into icicles.

On the other hand, the 9 y/o's school has yet to cancel classes. I'm anticipating that any minute they're going to announce they'll release early. I guess they're trying to make the time at which they count the day as a full day. I'm not sure why they're so worried about it, they have built in two inclement weather days in the schedule. I'm contemplating going to pick her up early though--the main road her school is off of has large bar ditches on either side, and no curbs. It's also hilly and curvy. I'd prefer her bus not end up in the ditches--at least with her on board. They are large enough the bus might turn on its side.

So, here I sit. Baby Drofen is swinging in his swing working on his next big diaper fill, the 2 y/o is chasing the dog around the house laughing hysterically, Mrs. Drofen is deeply engrossed in a challenging game of solitaire. I just fried up a pound of venison sausage, so the house smells of smoked meat. We're warm and cozy.

Time to go get ahead on some of the reading for school.

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  1. No school for weather? I wish! Those were the days before I moved to the face of the sun.