Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Tag--Or How I Got Outed...

So I thought I'd play along with Kirsten's Photo Tag post. The rules are simple, go to your photo files and post the 4th file, telling the story about the image.

So, I had resisted posting pictures of myself on this blog. Not sure why, but I have. Anyway, my 4th file is a picture of me. So with no further adieu... here's Drofen:

This picture was taken on a photo excursion to Washington DC. It unfortunately rained the entire weekend, until it cleared up, right after dark on the final day. So I did what every good photographer should do. I went into downtown DC alone after midnight and shot some night pictures. This picture was taken the morning after, and I'd been up most of the night shooting pictures. We were sitting in a diner waiting a LONG time to be seated. I was not thrilled.

Anyway, nice to see everyone. :)


  1. So good to finally put a face to the name. :) Your daughters look sooooo much like you!!

  2. It's about time you show your mug on your blog. :p

    I admit, you look a little pissy in this picture, but it's a good one nonetheless.

  3. Bwahahaha! Just kidding! It is nice to see YOU on here though!