Monday, January 26, 2009

Evolve Quote of the Day #1

From an online learning module about patient transfers:

"When using a transfer belt on a female patient, ensure the patients breasts are not caught in the belt."

I suppose it's highly inappropriate, but it made me giggle.

But then nobody ever accused me of being appropriate...


  1. Better yet don't tuck said breasts into the waistband of their pants. Makes for pour placement of gait belt as well!! LOL

  2. count me in. for being inappropriate i mean. i didn't just giggle, i laughed out loud. good thing i'm all alone here.

    and for the record, there might be times when it will be extremely difficult to prevent breasts from getting caught in the belt :)

  3. hey, I giggled too. But then again, I love being inappropriate. And ya know... they can hang mighty low without the overtheshoulderboulderholder.

  4. {giggle}
    DROFEN, Thanks for keeping 'abreast' of these important matters!

    I'm taking notes...