Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chasing Amy

This movie has sat on our entertainment center since before the holidays. I don't recall actually putting in my Netflix Queue, but it appeared in the mailbox so I must have at some point. I watched this over a couple of kid's nap-times, if that gives you any indication at how riveting I found the film.

Essentially this film follows the birth and growth of a relationship between Holden (Ben Affleck) and Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams). A chance meeting through a mutual friend after a comic book convention--all three are comic book artists--leaves Holden breathless. The couple has good chemistry and seem to be full speed ahead until it's revealed that Alyssa is actually a lesbian. Having lost hope Holden continues to torture himself by hanging out with Alyssa until eventually they start a romantic relationship. But trouble looms ahead as Alyssa's checkered sexual past becomes a problem.

I really want to like Ben Affleck. And I have liked some of the roles he played--in Good Will Hunting, and Jersey Girl. But most of the time he comes off as a rich kid trying to play himself off as an everyday guy. He tries to portray himself as drawing on his worldly experiences in his roles, but it doesn't quite resonate with me. I get that his shtick is quirky irreverent movies, just look at Dogma. This movie tries for the same irreverence in examining the sexual politics of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual lifestyles. Unfortunately I think it falls flat on its face. In fact I found it terribly crude and frightfully inelegant.

Joey Lauren Adams makes a valiant effort in playing her complex character. Mostly though she just comes off as whiny, frustrated, and just plain lost.

So many better ways to spend your movie time. This movie performs poorly on so many levels that I can't honestly recommend it at all. It left me shaking my head several times, and not because I found it funny.

I give this film a D-.


  1. Not a big fan of any of the movies that have Jay and Silent Bob in them, myself! I've seen them all though, unfortunately! Big B is from New Jersey, and well....they're set there so they hold semtimental value for him.

  2. Hey hey....give Jay and Silent B a break! They make me laugh until my pants are wet! (This coming from a kid who was raised mormon).

    I think that type of humor is good when you are completely brain fried.

    D is right there Mr. Drofen, D is for Dang funny!

  3. I really like the first half of this movie where it's a raunchy Kevin Smith comedy, but I get really bored when it starts getting all serious and dramatic in the third act. Mallrats was better.