Monday, January 12, 2009

Chic Intolerance

As I checked my Facebook account I ran across the following quote in a high school friend's status:

**** ***** doesn’t want to hear Bush apologize, I want to hear the people who voted him into office apologize or admit the wrong decision.

My point here is not to ignite a political liberal vs. conservative discussion, but rather to draw light to the underlying message in those words. To read this quote on the surface, one might surmise that my high school friend is obviously a liberal, and obviously an Obama supporter. Both are true. One might also deduce that they are happy that Obama was elected, and happy that Bush is on his way out. This is true as well. And in my opinion they are more than entitled to that opinion--it's their right--and a part of what makes America a great place to live.

But to me, there's something more insidious lying under the surface of that seemingly innocuous statement. This is more than, "Yay, I'm happy that my candidate won, and yay a president I don't like is leaving office." This is "in your face, nanya nanya boo boo." And worse than that, this is "I have been so wronged by your political choices that you should apologize for yourself."

I feel very strongly about this. I will never apologize for looking at the issues at hand, judging the candidates up for election, and casting my vote as an American. Things don't always work out in the best possible manner, but the world will never know if the alternative might have been worse. I will never apologize for what I believe in, and for what I think is right.

Unfortunately this quote from Facebook is not an isolated incident. I've been running across this attitude from fervent Obama supporters in many areas of my life. If unity is the ultimate goal of the new Obama regime, if healing is the new buzzword, if Obama stands against injustice and intolerance, then comments like these have no place. They only serve to divide and subjugate.

And the Left gleefully dares point out the hypocrisy of the Right?


  1. There are several people with that attitude up here as well... and most of us have no vote in the US.
    Although I did have a brief argument with my partner about him not voting in the US election (dual citizenship).

    I don't know where the acceptance and love went in the world?

  2. Kindly point out to them that based on Obama's actions thus far, even before he has become the President, that he has not only made huge mistakes, but he has retracted many of the promises he has made when he was running. Then kindly ask them for an apology for voting for someone blindly. When they do that, and only when they do that, should you "apologize" for Bush.

    Trust me, they will never apologize for Obama b/c they think he is the lighter bearer, the miracle worker, the chosen one, and can not see clearly.

    No offense to anyone's political views here.

  3. "existence" certainly sucks sometimes. lol Thanks for the song, it's cool.

    P.s. Go Obama! He he he

  4. In the language of my peers, "Word."

    I go to Catholic school; I didn't realize I'd be swarmed by so many Lefties! I try to be democratic and stay involved, but sometimes the drama is just one more stupid thing that should have stayed in high school.

  5. I voted for Bush. Twice. And I'm still not sorry I did.
    John Kerry? Ugh.

    Sure, Bush wasn't perfect. No president ever has been or ever will be - which is what the anti-whoever-is-in-office folks point out every chance they get.
    But I honestly believe he made the best decisions he could make with the information he was given.
    And if not, congress and the senate would have overwhelmingly objected.

    Obamm-bamm? Ugh.

  6. How did I miss this one?

    Nothing eloquent, but just to say...agreed!