Saturday, January 17, 2009


Canon EOS 40d, Canon 85mm 1.8
1/60s f/1.8 at 85mm iso1600


  1. How peaceful is that!? Sweet baby!

  2. I know! And they say the camera never lies... Little squirt!

  3. i was trying to come up with a more original word, but PRECIOUS is perfect as it is, and i'm not smart enough to think of a different one.

    he just looks precious.

  4. He's obviously adorable but another reason I love this picture is that the sheet folds are soo comfy looking. Great capture :)

    You know I mean no offense or criticism when I say this, but back or side sleeping lowers the risk for SIDS. My friends lost their baby boy to SIDS last year and it was devastating, so I can't not say anything, even though you probably already know this. Back for bed, prone for playtime, I just learned in Peds. :)

  5. Andrea, I'm going to write a post in response to your comment because it was just getting too long for the comments section, LOL. Rest assured though, I'm not upset or offended in any way, but I thought you might like to know why our babies sleep on their bellies. :)